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Everyday with Gary Bay



Miriam Arredondo (Actress)Yaniv Bercovitz (Actor)Jason Berry (Hot Hands)Hanna BrattonWilliam F. Bryant (Gary Bay)Walt Lydick


Jason Berry



GARY BAY is a loser. This is the story of his comeback. Set in a sitcom world, We meet 31 year-old Gary at what he calls the "tail-end of a lifetime of letdown." Gary's life has been filled with embarrassment, harassment, failure, addiction, bullying, and just plain old bad luck. Gary has had enough, and is ready to pull his own plug. Just then, he meets an attractive nurse named SHERRY CARSON who shows him some attention. Now for the first time in his life, Gary is ready to put forth some effort. But with the hole he has dug himself, it's going to be nearly impossible. Gary lives with his childhood best friend, HOT HANDS, an aspiring chef. Hot Hands and Gary have very similar lives. The only difference is Hot Hands loves his life. Hot Hands likes to say his glass is half full, while Gary says his is just full of shit. We follow Gary on his daily path to better himself. But it seems like non matter what he tries, failure lurks around the corner. Gary and Hot Hands' roommate, OSCAR SUAREZ is an illegal alien who has come to America to be in the land of opportunity. Oscar will help Gary see that certain things aren't as bad as they seem. Even though Gary unintentionally chases Sherry into the arms of her ex, he is determined to have her. It is the first and only goal he has ever given himself. And he is tired of a lifetime of giving up. Gary will use his failures as learning lessons to re-build his life. Gary faces too many obstacles to mention. But family time is tough. Mom is an alcoholic, and dad is on the run after escaping county jail. Gary Bay will be one of TV's most lovable losers. A true underdog.