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Five Besties: Divorce Busting

1h 22m


Sirui Li (Lan Yiyi)Sitong Liu (Zhang Li)Christie Chen (Maomao)Zi Wang (Liu Ying)Qi Zhu (Li Youting)Shuailiang Liu (Yang Fan)Di Yang (Little man with urgent urination)


Jianfei Chen



Five girls with different personalities formed a sisterhood that loved and killed each other but was full of chivalry. The eldest sister of the sister group, Zhang Li, was the shoulder and wisdom of the sisters; Mao Mao was ancient and supernatural. Although she had many ideas, she was unreliable, but she could help friends at the loss of her life; Elegant and snobbish Li Youting was a wealthy lady; Liu Ying was a foodie and pistachio of the sister group. Lan Yiyi's coward husband disappeared due to a huge debt. The four sisters, in order to help Lan Yiyi find her husband to pay off the debt, went through street propaganda, failed rural search, being besieged by creditors, and an oolong tracking incident. The sister group cried and laughed and supported each other all the way. They, along with their five members, played a powerful role in the "brotherly" relationship of the ancient Chinese capital.