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Gray's Gift of Giving

1h 30m


Vitelle Webb (Cheryl)Daniel Charles DesVerges (Milkman)Barbara Pitts (Tanya)Tabitha Duncan (Tisha)Liana Battise (Mary Jackson)Allyson Moore (Cashier)Angela Nwagbo (Anita)Garrett Patterson (Joe)Bob Hunnicutt (Pastor Bob Hunnicut)Jalen (Slick)Paris Diamond (Pastor johnson)Willie Davis (Doobie)Trent Battle (Curtis)Faye Hunnicut (Faye)Queenie Hayes (Lillian)Brigette Eppes (Ms Joanne)


Clarice Carolyn Louise Herring Jones



A true 1970s movie about an interracial love of a white deacon in love with black woman who secretly date. In scene one you see their love publicly in a church where the white deacon attends. He escorts a black family in the church asking for prayers of his black girlfriend mother because she's sick. Outsiders fight blacks entering a white church and cause destruction for the church. Because of their love for God and seeking equality, the church decides to be the first church to integrate in the state of Georgia. The deacon Dan and Lilly want to marry but laws won't let them so they secretly date and create a mixed baby. When the child is born, the lives are threatened by state and the family move away. Years later after growing up with dark skinned siblings, the daughter, Cheryl knows she's different and seeks answers of her identity. The child born of their secret relationship seeks to later find out her identity because she is white compared to her darker skinned siblings. She and her siblings live in the poor side of Chicago and struggle to survive. Her siblings, gamble for money and even rob stores. Tragedy hits home and her mother Mary rebels against God for her daughter Tisha getting shot and dies. Cheryl becomes disrespectful and rebellious and thinks her mom cheated on her dad with the milkman because the milkman treats her special. The milkman delivers her milk beans and a dollar for a reason. After years of daily deliveries, Cheryl finds out on his deathbed who her real parents are and why she was discriminated against and why she grew up in a home with all dark family and she's so white complexion After years, Cheryl finds out who she really is when she visits the milkman on his deathbed