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Hauptmann Florian von der Mühle

2h 12m


Manfred Krug (Hauptmann Florian)Jutta Klöppel (Fanny Schauendorf)Regina Beyer (Duchessa von Guastalla)Gisela Bestehorn (Freifrau von Colloredo)Rolf Herricht (Amadeus)Hans Hardt-Hardtloff (Nepomuk)Lilo Grahn (Resi)Doris Abeßer (Nanderl)Herwart Grosse (Friedrich II.)Wolf Sabo (Fürstenkanzler)Werner Lierck (Adjutant)Rolf Hoppe (Polizeidirektor)Herbert Köfer (Der Medicus)Carmen-Maja Antoni (Gehilfin des Medicus)Peter Biele (1. Sekretär)Karl Heinz Oppel (2. Sekretär)Hartmut Beer (Geheimpolizist zu Pferde)Eberhard Cohrs (Dorfgendarm)


Werner W. Wallroth



This story of the miller Florian, who gave all his money to the war against Napoleon, is loosely based on a true story. After the war, Florian's reimbursement is challenged, and he must also pay taxes on his destroyed mill. He resists the tax collectors and takes off to Vienna, where he intends to defend his rights. On the way, he rescues the Duchess of Guastalla from assault. She also wants to go to Vienna, as His Majesty Franz II is trying to contest an heir in her favor. With cunning, luck, and dagger, Florian fights his way through a slew of nobility and their secret police. In the end, he acquires multiple titles, and the Duchess acquires him.