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1h 50m


John David Hartfield (Bobby)Kelli Joan Bennett (Linda)Lori Burlingame (Extra- funeral scene)Cara DeLizia (Young Bobby)Lawrence Faljean (Younger Phil)Chip Kocel (Mike)Kristina Kopf (Kayla)Kri (Kim)Ferrell Marshall (Younger Bea)Bev Pettit (Aunt Opal)Jim Renaud (Jimmy King)Matt Shepherd (Teen Bobby)Lew Sleeman (Phil)Matt Starr (John Stone)Chad J. Willett (Harley)


Adam N. White, John David Hartfield



Returning home for his mothers funeral, Bobby is confronted with stark realities in the small town he has forgotten. Bobby and his sister instantly become the parents to their father, Phil, who is unable to care for himself. With their mother gone, Bobby and Linda must face the most agonizing of decisions. Anger and resentment towards his father fuels Bobbys desire to put Phil into a nursing home. Linda, who is on the verge of a military deployment, finally concedes and Phil enters a facility. In less than a month, Bobby is summoned back home where his father awaits imminent expulsion from the care center. Furious at having to leave his job and fiancee, Bobby begins a journey through tense and very uncharted waters. He must honestly face himself as he reconstructs his past in order to salvage the future. Homecoming reminds us that, as life moves forward, the role between parent and child is often reversed. Decisions must be made. Promises must be kept. As Bobby confronts the truth, he realizes that those decisions affect not only his father, but his own relationships and sense of self. 'Homecoming' delivers a powerful punch that illuminates the path which every parent and child will ultimately face.