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Looking for Love

1h 25m


Connie Francis (Libby Caruso)Jim Hutton (Paul Davis)Susan Oliver (Jan McNair)Joby Baker (Cuz Rickover)Barbara Nichols (Gaye Swinger)Johnny Carson (Johnny Carson)George Hamilton (George Hamilton)Yvette Mimieux (Yvette Mimieux)Paula Prentiss (Paula Prentiss)Danny Thomas (Danny Thomas)Jay C. Flippen (Ralph Front)Jesse White (Tiger Shay)Charles Lane (Director)Joan Marshall (Miss Devine)Stanley Adams (Employment Service Official)Leon Alton (Nightclub Patron)Bunny Bishop (Customer)Madge Blake (Mrs. Press)


Don Weis



After being in Hollywood for a month with lots of compliments but no offers, girl-next-door Libby Caruso decides to give up on her singing career and focus on fulfilling her destiny of being a wife, hopefully to a doctor. She believes that to nab a husband she must get a job where many eligible bachelors would notice her, but singing is her only real skill. She lands a Girl Friday job at a brokerage firm and believes that she is destined to marry Paul Davis, who works at the product-development company where her best friend and roommate Jan McNair works. Paul believes that he is God's gift to the world, if only anyone would notice. Jan knows that Libby isn't his type, and he didn't even notice her. Cuz Rickover might be Libby's type, but she didn't notice him. Cuz is a part-timer: part-time supermarket stockman and part-time bass player, among other part-time activities. Ultimately, Paul believes he can help Libby and in turn help himself in developing a product for market that Libby created to make her 9-to-5 life easier. But as he helps her with that and she hopes he'll ask her to marry him, she gets the opportunity to showcase her singing to a wide audience. So as Libby's 9-to-5 life, her pursuit of a husband, the product development, and the singing seem to be moving up and down simultaneously, she must decide where her focus lies. The answers to what she should do with her life might just fall into place with a little push from the people in her life.