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P over D

1h 40m


Toosweet Annan (Theon)Mimi Buari (Jahanna)Dcryme (Jesse)John Dumelo (Kevin)Ruth Kadiri (Ursula)Juliana Kinang-Wassan (Tracy)Fella Makafui (Cassandra)Salma Mumin (Ailla)Grace Nortey (Ayorkor)Bishop Nyarko (Mr. Benson)Joseph Sunday Adebowale Okyemi (Maarcel)Grace Omaboe (Maame Serwaa)Peter Ritchie (Jason)Kalsoume Sinare (Mrs. Ampomaa)


Kwame Kyei Baffour



Six years of single parenthood and a betrayal from the baby father, Ailla (Salma Mumin) turned her mind to being an independent woman aided by her best friend Ursula (Ruth Kadiri) who set a business meeting for her with some business moguls (Toosweet Annan and Peter Ritchie) Met by Theon, a flirt mate of Jesse (Dcryme) who worked with her in the office and who had vowed to have her either by heart or pant. Ailla on the other hand fell in love with Theon, who was on a bet with his friends that he would bed Ailla at all cost. Theon later realized that, it was not just sex he wanted but love. Ailla is faced with the decision to stay or not to stay with Theon whom she found out is a big time player who betrayed Cassandra, another lady (Fella Makafui) just like she was betrayed. What happens when Ailla finds out that the dirty skeleton of Theon in his closet is as ugly as hers which she run's away from everyday.