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Prime Rocks: Dragon




Marcus Palmer



Legendary Kiwi rockers Dragon have produced some of New Zealand's most iconic pop songs - April Sun in Cuba, Are You Old Enough and Rain - but the group's 40-year history is a tumultuous and heartbreaking story of excess. Founded by Taumaranui-born brothers Marc and Todd Hunter in the late 1970s, Dragon was a authentic hit machine. But behind the music the band was taking the rock'n'roll lifestyle to its limit and they became known as the bad-boys of Aussie and Kiwi rock. Lead singer Marc's riotous on-stage antics were matched in scale only by his off-stage drug addiction and over the years, the band lost multiple members to overdoses. When Todd eventually lost his charismatic brother in the late 90s it looked like Dragon was finished for good. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Todd, still recovering from Marc's death, resurrected Dragon with a new line-up. And so the hits live on. A powerful and moving documentary that chronicles the great highs and incredible lows that befell New Zealand's most notorious and magnetic rock band, Dragon.