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Project: Valkyrie

1h 23m


Steve Foland (Jim Cranston)Dave Droxler (Frank Ellis)Jimmie Kuhl (District Attorney Dan Maxx)Anne Richardson (Anne Ellis)Brandon Yustince (Brandon)Jeff Waltrowski (Professor Jack Cranston)Randy Frey (Mr. Foley)Jacob R. Ross (Achtung)Candace McIntyre (Glenda Maxx)Christopher Maurer (Nazi Lt.)Clint Davis (Pitch Black)Nic Pesante (Nickel)Damien Galeone (Buddy)Christine Hendrick (Penny)Don Szjek (Highball)Prem (Mano)Jim Pesante (Taskforce Lt.)Jake Snider (Scooter Maxx)


Jeff Waltrowski



The evil loan sharks smash Jim's hand with a base ball bat, and then disappear - never to be seen again. A Nazi skin head some how obtains a box of Nazi lime cool-aid from the 40's, and decides to inject it into his veins. Of course, the cool-aid IV turns him into a slime spitting Nazi zombie. Jim's grandfather, a professor during WWII (the big one) , had built a sword wielding mechanical man and packed him away into cardboard boxes. Jim reassembles the robot, and when he inserts a red tinted snow globe into its chest, the automaton comes to life, much like frosty with the donning of his magical top hat. Jim, the robot, and the sister of the head Nazi must take out the skin head gang using only a chain saw, a Tommy gun and the sword. The movie is quite good for being made with a budget of an alleged $49.37.