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The Begger



Adel Emam (Hassanein)Essad Youniss (Aida)Zakaria Mouafi (Hendawi)Sayed Zayan (Khalil the Idiot)Wahid Seif (Juma)Ali El Sherif (Hamoush)Salah Nazmi (Fayek)Ahmed Rateb (Hamed)Badr Nofal (Aida's father)Ahmed Adawiyya (Abdo Kofta)Abdulhadi AnwrHayatem (Hendawi's Wife)Ibrahim Qadry (Farghaly)Ahmed Abo AbeyaHelmi Abdulwahab


Ahmad El-Sabawi



Hassanein is a poor illiterate man who leaves his village and moves to the city to live with his maternal uncle and his family. However, he fails to keep a job and has no choice but to return to his hometown, and while he is sleeping in a mosque, a strange man named Khalil takes him to a shelter where there is food and drink for the homeless. Hassanein discovers that he is staying with a gang that forces poor people to beg in the streets after they are maimed for life. As the gang members try to cut off Hassanein's leg, their boss Joma uses him to pretend that he is a blind beggar who can collect more money. He then meets Aida who thinks he is an investor and soon fall in love with each other. How will Hassanein get out of this mess without putting himself in danger from the gang's wrath?