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The Exodus: From America to America




Genesis Monnet



For the last half-century, Puerto Ricans, who are American citizens by birth, have slowly been migrating to the mainland, bringing with them an influential wave of culture: legendary movements in language, music and politics. Though no migration to-date has been as significant as post Hurricane Maria, due to the devastation this natural disaster has wreaked on the island. This has exacerbated an already tense US-PR relationship. The lack of attention and federal response received by the island after the hurricane has shed light on the fact that Puerto Rico is in the American population's imagination as a foreign land. Left without power, food, and other necessities, many left the island, leaving death behind them. Since 2017, most of them have mainly resettled in Central Florida (Kissimmee and Orlando), possibly bringing with them anger for the current administration's treatment of the island in Maria's aftermath. The Exodus: From America to America is a feature documentary that focuses on the swing state of Florida's Puerto Rican population with interviews from community leaders and those new and old to the state. Will this "small" but resourceful resettlement group finally be able to regain their voice with their newfound voting power in the next presidential election? Are they aware of the power they hold?