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The Path of Fear

1h 19m


Marie-Claire Hardy (Renee)Julianne Dowler (Brooke)Natalie Jones (Meg)Joey Watson (Dr. Craven)Joey Ferguson (Jake)Matt Weatherly (Sam)Bonnie Kourvelas (Mrs. Brice)Julia Perkins (Olivia Miller)Chelsea Street (April)Mark Norris (Nathan)Jasmine Shope (Amber)Tracie Hansom (Nurse)Constance Smith (Waitress)Ashlee Call (Campus Girl)Steve Ross (TV Narrator)Howard Johnson (Minister)Shalika Fisher (Renee's Nurse)Mike Call (Doctor)


Brad Ellis, Joey Watson



While hanging out in an old abandoned movie theater, five high school friends unknowingly awaken the presence of a 12 year-old girl who years before fell to her death from the upstairs balcony. Shaken by the supernatural encounter, the group leaves the theater only to soon discover that the night has followed them home. A year passes, during which Renee, Brooke, and Meg experience a series of bizarre, disturbing nightmares, all seemingly related to each other. Before long, fate brings the three distant friends back together as they are forced into a final, climactic situation of self-discovery. The girls must again face the night of the original incident, retracing their steps until the proper path is finally taken.