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The Reins Maker



Carl Bailey (Detective Dan Detroy)Jenn Gotzon (Layla)Jeff Rose (Winston Murphy)Robert BlancheCourtney Lee Simpson (Reenie Brown)Dennis Fitzpatrick (Peter Legna)Robert Shepherd (Jonathan Wainwright)Kera O'Bryon (Frannie Silverberg)Doris Collier (Maggie Woodlawn)Diana Schmitt (Jill Wilson)Mardell Elmer (Rufus Duncan)Ainsley Ross (Annie Ross)Abby White (Young Penny Foster)Juli Tapken (Jane Foster)Clint Calvert (Frank Claborine)George Lako (Johnny Michaels)Brittany Mann (Jayce Tucker)Amber Thompson (Becky Engles)


Caleb Johnson



The Reins Maker (TRM) is a Redemptive Family Film by Fire Catcher Productions (FCP). FCP was the Executive Production Company for The Colors of Emily, 2014, which was also written and produced by Michael Arnold. TRM is a heartwarming story based on the courage, faith, and redemption of a young girl who faces almost insurmountable odds in following her dream to be a great jockey. Penny Foster's severe dyslexia and speech impediment are not her only barriers; she also faces the obstacles that only poverty can breed-living in a rundown river house down by the racetracks. Mom (played by screen star, Juli Tapken) strives to help Penny overcome the challenges by teaching her at home. But Penny's drab world is truly changed forever when Dad, Sam Foster, an ex-country music star who now works in the stables at the track, is sentenced to prison. Penny's mom, Jane Foster, must then act on faith to take a job at the track to support the family. With a seemingly final blow, a few years later, Jane falls ill-leaving Penny angry, rebellious, and resentful. At 19, forced to fight for her survival, Penny encounters an old man in a tack shop. That is when she finds the courage, grace, and faith to "just let go and ride." The Reins Maker will restore your faith, and Penny Foster will steal your heart in this Michael Arnold/Fire Catcher Productions film.