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Unkapani: Bitmeyen masal




Tayfun Belet



The cassette and CD marketing has collapsed and has been completely replaced by digitalization. "Unkapani Recorders Bazaar", where those who once sold their fields, vineyards and gardens came to fame with high hopes, could not keep up with this change and those beautiful days passed like a fairy tale. Today, those who go to the "famous factory" Unkapani Recorders Bazaar are now welcomed by rental-sale shop advertisements. And the "loyal owners" of Unkapani - They are those who do not believe that this fairy tale is over, those who cannot come back, those who remain. Those who still hope to become famous despite years of disappointment, those who have nowhere else to go. They are the ones who are not tired of being in a fairy tale and living an endless tale. Unkapani: The Endless Tale; It is the tragicomic story of people who connect their hopes of fame to a place, who do not leave the stage of the fairy tale called finished for the sake of their dreams, and make up their own tales.