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X Ray: The Inner Image

1h 33m


Yashi Kapoor (Yashi)Rahul Sharma (Vishal)


Rajiv S. Ruia



This is the story of a young boy who faces emotional changes and dilemmas and the repercussions of the same. Vishal and his family stays together at a house located on the outskirts of the city as his father loves to live amid st nature and away from city hustles. One evening the family had to go to a family marriage and Vishal decided to miss the function and stay at home and have his own leisure time - Sometime later after the rest of family had left for the function Vishal hears a banging on the Bungalow gate. Cursing the guard who was on leave that day he goes out to check. He finds a young beautiful girl name Yashi at the gate asking for help as her car was not starting. He offered her to stay at her place as it was late at night and there would be no mechanic available. after much discussion and starting of rains, Yashi decides to accept Vishal's offer. As it had started Raining with the wind. Both got drenched and Vishal got awestruck with Yashi'S beauty and body.. he started to develop a lust for her unknown to him before. Slowly, he now started expressing his love for her but she remains unfazed and opposed his moves fiercely. The situation turned into a psychotic chaos and Yashi was at the helpless end defending herself - Did she manage to overcome Vishal's move and escape the bungalow or did Vishal succeeded in fulfilling his lust?