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Yuxue Wumíng Chuan

1h 36m


Lee Dong Hak (Du Chuan)Ren Tianye (Meng Daguan)Zhang Guangbei (Teacher)Fu Mei (Li Qing)Zhang Lu (Xu Mingde)Han Hao (Wawa)Frank Abel (American Military Colonel)C.T. / Gao Mingyu Evans (Sergeant Major)Darren Grosvenor (Lt. Colonel Hudson)Dongxue Li (Lead Soldier)


Guoyong Yixiang



"Raid" (a.k.a., "Blood and the Nameless River," a literal translation of the original Chinese name, "Yuxue Wuming Chuan") directed by Yixiang and Guo Yong, the film was released in mainland China in 2021 and has gained a good reputation since its release. The 96-minute film was directed by Li Dongxue, Ren Tianye, Zhang Guangbei, Zhang Lu, Hao Han, and Qujia. A good Mandarin online movie starring Hui et al. The film tells that during the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, Meng Daguan (Ren Tianye), the leader of the third platoon of the Chinese Volunteer Army, was ordered to lead the team to rescue the reconnaissance platoon trapped behind the enemy. The reconnaissance platoon led by Chuan (played by Li Dongxue) successfully converged. In order to avoid more casualties for the large army, Meng Daguan and Du Chuan decisively planned to trap the enemy's heavy artillery battalion, so that it could not replenish their supplies at a critical moment.