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G'day, Blackface!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In case you were wondering what Australian television in 2009 has in common with fictional 1960s advertising exec Roger Sterling, well, apparently, they share an unbridled love of blackface. Really, they just can't get enough. But while Roger Sterling sort of has an excuse for painting his face with shoe polish and singing "My Old Kentucky Home" at the country club—it was 1963, and like many rich, old, white men in 1963 he's kind of a racist—the Australian variety show Hey Hey It's Saturday! doesn't really have an excuse for putting on a blackface act called "The Jackson Jive" on their recent reunion show. "This is a classic bit from 20 years ago!" doesn't quite excuse broadcasting a literal minstrel show, unless, wait, is it 1910 in Australia? If so, where is Harry Connick Jr's time machine?

(via Scandalist)

Harry Connick Jr is being generous when he says, "I know this was done humorously," because what's the joke in having six white guys put on blackface to play the Jackson 5? That the Jacksons (minus Michael) are black? Yikes, audience of Hey, Hey It's Saturday. Have you heard of this moving picture called Amos n' Andy: Check And Double Check? It's a blackface comedy starring two white guys dressed up like black guys. Ha. Get it? It's funny cause there's something inherently ridiculous about being black. I think you'll love it!

I think Harry Connick Jr's face sums it up best: