Anyway, Griffin’s photo ultimately meant we all got to spend a typically unproductive few days being mad at her, or mad at the people mad at her, or just generally angry at the world, those being the three major occupations of the American electorate right now. But one group had a more personal grudge against the comedian, one that’s been overshadowed in the more general ragestorm: GWAR.

The band’s bloody-minded bassist, Beefcake The Mighty, hopped on Facebook this week to remind the world that, while Kathy Griffin might be the hot new presidential decapitator on the block, GWAR’s been in the game for years. (Helpful visuals, including the severed heads of Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, are included to make the point.) The message then transitions into the slightly less brutal world of tour promotion, with Beefcake reminding GWAR fans that they can see the band’s head-chopping antics at Van’s Warped Tour this summer. Still, the point is clear: Be polite, don’t steal bits from heavy metal murder monsters.