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Hey, kids/old people: Loki will be a Fortnite character and a Simpsons character soon

The Simpsons is gearing up for a short titled "The Good, The Bart, And The Loki"

Poster for "The Good, The Bart, And The Loki"
The Good, The Bart, And The Loki
Image: Disney

Marvel’s Loki can be a pretty flexible guy, bouncing between arch-puppetmaster and cartoon punching bag as quickly as Tom Hiddleston’s face can switch from haughty superiority to “Oh fuck, here comes The Hulk.” Now, the God Of Mischief is pushing himself even further afield than he does on his era-spanning Disney+ show, with news coming today that he’s set to appear as a character on both Fortnite and The Simpsons, truly bridging the gap between people whose pop culture tastes are still relevant, and those whose definitely aren’t.


For what it’s worth, the Asgardian adoptee won’t be showing up on The Simpsons proper (although gods knows weirder things have happened over the years—looking at you, Moe’s dishrag), but in an upcoming short set to live up to the show’s long pedigree of dedicated brand synergies.

Image for article titled Hey, kids/old people: Loki will be a Fortnite character and a Simpsons character soon
Image: Disney

Specifically, “The Good, The Bart, And The Loki” will see Hiddleston show up on Evergreen Terrace after getting kicked out of his celestial homestead yet again, facing off against former planetary mischief avatar Bart Simpson. The poster for the short—which follows in the footsteps of the similarly corporate-approved “The Force Awakens From Its Nap”—shows a number of beloved Springfield residents dolled up as popular MCU characters, including a guy we can’t help but think of as “Stupid Sexy Ant-Man.” (Also, they went Ralph for Hulk instead of Homer, which we guess gets points for originality, and…who’s that as Captain Marvel? Is it just Captain Marvel? Wait, maybe it’s Helen Lovejoy. She’s got Helen’s little bow-tie collar thing. But, jeeze, is that obscure.) The short will run on July 7 on Disney+

But that’s not the only exciting Loki-based mega-corp offering currently running at the moment. Fans of Hiddleston’s character will also be able to bring that enthusiasm to the still-super-popular online shooter Fortnite, wherein they will be able to, uh…shoot him in the head? This latest MCU/Fortnite partnership will only be available to the high-rollers, though; to get access to the Loki skin, players will have to be part of the game’s $12 subscription “Fortnite Crew” service, so if you want to roll with everyone’s favorite variant, it’s going to cost you.

Meanwhile, you can continue to also receive your required dose of Loki content by just watching the show; you can read our review of this week’s installment right here.

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