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Humanity’s only hope in fighting the scourge of Ben Shapiro: @Seinfeld2000

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Professional putz and sentient “Well, actually” retort Ben Shapiro is a real pain in everyone’s ass, and whose only true accomplishment is managing to turn “WAP” into an abstinence PSA. He’s also very short—which is normally inconsequential, but is totally fair game for virulent transphobes who think making this video is cool. As such, The Daily Wire’s “Editor Emeritus” was reminded of his literal stature today on Twitter by none other than @Seinfeld2000, Jason Richards’ long-running surrealist account gifting us all manner of “current day” Seinfeld episode ideas and related Jery [sic] content. Would you believe it when we told you that Shapiro was unamused?


[UPDATE, 3/10 @ 10:54 a.m CT: A rep for The Daily Wire has contacted The A.V. Club saying, “those screenshots have been falsified, and since they are the entire premise of the story, we are requesting an immediate, full retraction and an apology from your publication. To be clear: Ben has never DM’d @Seinfeld2000, nor has he blocked that account. The exchange is a pure fabrication.” We have reached out to the admin of the @Seinfeld2000 account asking for corroboration. We here at The A.V. Club would, of course, never aim to present satire as factual events, and will update this story accordingly as we get more reporting. For now, we’ve tweaked the final paragraph of this story to reflect that the rep says the DM screengrabs are satire.]

The delightful exchange begins with Shapiro being his usual annoying-ass self while deriding the recent Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah Winfrey. “Imagine being Prince Philip: fighting Nazis, helping preside over the UK during the Cold War and the economic struggles of the 1970s, and now watching your spoiled grandson basically call the institution to which you have silently devoted your life a vile repository of bigotry,” Shapiro tweeted in response to the prince’s mild-to-moderate criticisms of an outdated institution literally dedicated to elitism. To which Richards responded, “imagine being ben shapiro: 5'1.”

A solid, totally ignorable burn for Shapiro, who [appears to have] subsequently 
DM’d @Seinfeld2000 to correct his height by a massive (proportionally speaking) 4 inches, because of course he did [would]. Richards [appears to have] responded appropriately by our estimates, which [possibly, though the entire exchange is denied by a Daily Wire rep,] resulted in Shapiro blocking his account… because of goddamn course he did [would].

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