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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Jenna Fischer did an entire late-night interview in a towel last night

It’s always nice when the carefully stage-managed, anodyne routines of late-night television break down. These moments can reveal, if only for a second, something altogether more personal about the celebrities on-hand than the publicist-manicured talking-points and safe comedy routines that were scheduled. This was the case with last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, on which guest Jenna Fischer sauntered out in a towel, carrying a much more venue-appropriate maroon dress still on its hanger. Apparently the zipper broke, but, as Fischer says, “I’m a Missouri girl, and the show must go on.” (In Missouri, people do interviews in towels.) Fischer claims she feels physically at comfort but mentally terrified at the fact that she is wearing a towel on late-night television, which is a situation remarkably close to the classic nightmare of showing up naked for a test or something, but she pulls the whole thing off with aplomb. Soon enough, she’s firing off publicist-approved talking-points and anecdotes about the Kardashians. There’s no substitute for professionalism.


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