Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

It’s always a bit unnerving seeing Game of Thrones’ most imposing characters sure demystify themselves on social media. To wit: Here is Rory McCann’s bilious, scarred Hound goofily singing upbeat folk standard “Yellow Bird” through the screen door of his trailer. Joining him is Tormund Giantsbane (a.k.a. Kristofer Hivju), a character much more suited these kinds of shenanigans. Watch it below.


Still, it’s a delightful performance, an extension of the natural rapport McCann and Hivju have been displaying onscreen as of late. And the caption—“When you’ve had to (sic) much trailer time”—certainly reinforces how freakin’ hard it was to set up and shoot that nasty battle on the frozen lake from last week’s episode.

All that’s missing here is Jerome Flynn’s Bronn, who we’ve heard is also quite the performer.