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Look, maybe you'll like this screamo cover of "Old Town Road," who knows

Yes, as the headline says, this is a screamo cover of Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road.” If you click on this video, you are going to get “Old Town Road” but now it is being performed by the screamo band Our Last Night in the style they perform music, which, we again stress, is screamo. If you’re thinking that means you’ll hear the words “bullriding and boobies” delivered in a guttural scream, good work, you’ve got the general idea.


If that sounds like a good thing to you, you’re in luck, because this is definitely that. If not, maybe just move right along—how about a smart, thoughtful essay revisiting Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11?

But here’s the thing: can you say for sure that you don’t like this before you’ve tried it? For a lot of people, sushi doesn’t sound very appealing at first. Raw fish? But it turns out that sushi is actually quite good! We’re not saying that this screamo cover of “Old Town Road,” which still does the Billy Ray Cyrus part with a country twang over power-pop chords, is as good as sushi or even good at all. We’re just saying that lots of people like lots of different kinds of things. Maybe you’ll like this?

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