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Look upon Chuck’s works, E. mighty, and Cheesepair

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Charles Entertainment Cheese, the once mighty novelty entertainment restaurant King Of Kings, has fallen on hard times. His original form usurped by some redesigned CGI pretender and the once-wealthy lands he presided over now turned to fields of dust, the original Cheese has been left to molder in the minds of those who once paid tribute to him—and, quite literally, in some landfill.


First posted on Reddit, the sad photo of the abandoned, shattered visage of a Chuck E. Cheese animatronic, ear torn off, eyes downcast in despair, and metal innards exposed to the harsh light of day, resurfaced again on Twitter yesterday.

Always ready to pounce like hungry cats on the vanquished rulers of years past, the internet has mocked the shredded Cheese, turning his shameful photo into an album cover for the most exciting (and most dangerous) new artist around and a promotional image for a Cyberpunk 2077 spin-off that never was. More respectful Twitter users have compared Cheese’s fate to the the crucifixion of Jesus or Roy Batty’s final moments, imagining an android fading away to memories of witnessing “nachos on fire from the kitchen with extra cheese.”

Apparently, in the time since the Rat King was found alone in the wastes, his ruined body was brought out from its garbage dump resting place and delivered into the tender hands of delighted caretakers. And, even beyond the possibility that the decay of this specific colossal wreck might be reversed, know that Cheese will live on as artists pen tributes to the influence he had while he still remained. Cheese may one day vanish into the lone and level sands, but the world will never forget his sneer of cold command, his frown and wrinkled rodent lip.

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