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Marvel’s last Defender arrives home in the Iron Fist trailer

You’ve seen the blind guy with badass fighting skills, the super strong woman, the really strong guy who’s also nigh-invulnerable, but are you ready for, well, another guy with badass martial arts skills? That’s not the only thing to know about Danny Rand, a.k.a. Iron Fist, but it’s the dominant trait highlighted in this first full-length trailer for the upcoming Netflix series from Marvel. Finn Jones plays Rand, who returns home after a decade away; 10 years ago, a plane ride with his parents ended in tragedy, leaving the young boy as the sole survivor of the accident. And it looks like things aren’t going to be easy back in New York City, either, as his family business is being run by people not keen on giving him his authority back. So naturally, he turns to martial arts—the thing he got really good at while he was abroad—and starts cleaning up the streets. It looks like Danny’s also going to be dealing with The Hand, the society of assassins last encountered by Daredevil in season two of that show. And he’s going to get some assistance from Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), another martial arts master.


It’s got some of the same scenes we saw in the teaser trailer, but the arc of the season is a little more fleshed out here, what with the treacherous Meachum family getting a little more screen time to say menacing things. Beyond that, we see Rosario Dawson’s Claire, once again acting as the main through-line between the four Netflix superhero series, though she doesn’t yet say, “I know three other people you should team up with!” to Danny. So far, it’s not the most distinctive-looking series Marvel’s brought to the streaming service, so it’s going to have to work a little harder to draw in viewers. And for those wondering why he gets the nickname “Iron Fist,” there’s a little hint right at the end of the trailer. (And yes, the answer is pretty intuitive.)

Iron Fist’s first season drops April 21 on Netflix.