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Rashida Jones’ own awesome parents to play her parents in TBS sitcom

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rashida Jones is the offspring of a pretty spectacular set of parents: legendary music producer Quincy Jones and former Mod Squad member Peggy Lipton. The younger Jones will take advantage of her family ties in her new TBS pilot, Tribeca, in which her real parents will play her on-screen parents.

The show also draws from one of Jones’ TV families, as the pilot was written by her former Office costar Steve Carell and his wife, Nancy Walls; Carell will also direct. As previously reported, those who thought the show is about a certain trendy Manhattan neighborhood might be disappointed. TVLine describes that “the single-camera comedy casts Jones as Angie Tribeca, an LAPD vet who is now part of an outlandish group of investigators that—against all odds—manage to actually get their jobs done.” As every outlandish team of investigators undoubtedly needs a handwriting expert, Alfred Molina will guest-star in the pilot as a graphologist.