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Riverdale heads into the woods for a sex weekend, and Dial M For Maple follows

What exactly is Moose trying to pull?
Image: Dean Buscher (The CW)

A new Riverdale finds Bughead & Varchie headed for the hills for a steamy weekend at Lodge Lodge. But this cabin in the woods isn’t just a place for the couples to knock boots and knock back some jalapeño margaritas—it’s also a powder keg ready to explode! Dial M For Maple is so happy to be back to recap it all, touching on everything from Cher’oni to Chic’s creepy eating habits, to the unexpected Jennifer Garner “cameo.” Plus, Marah and Cameron offer up a PSA: It’s okay to go see movies on your own.

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For further thoughts on all of the mayhem in Riverdale, check out our colleague LaToya Ferguson’s excellent TV Club reviews.

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