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Season Five Of Lost Sounds Like Grey's Anatomy

For weeks now, ABC has been dropping teaser trailers for the fifth season of Lost onto the Internet like so many breadcrumbs onto the forest floor–they do a decent enough job of showing you where you've just been, but their path is impossible to follow. The latest Lost trailer, however, finally gives ravenous Lost viewers some answers to long-held questions. Well, actually it's just the one answer: The Fray. Will the Oceanic Six make it back to the island? Hey, good question. Here's The Fray. What's up with the smoke monster? Check out this droning by The Fray. What happened to Sawyer and everyone else left on the island? The emotion of that situation is best expressed by The Fray.

According to this trailer, the key to all of Lost's mysteries is The Fray–which I think unfortunately makes Lost the new Grey's Anatomy.

Apparently, in season 5 of Lost, droning music masters The Fray take on a sort of Greek chorus role, describing the action from their perch atop a bridge through terrible, whiny song. It's a bold stylistic choice to make so late in the series, but whatever. It's Lost. Not everything has to make sense.

Either that, or ABC has some kind of awful pact with The Fray to use their music in promotions for all of their dramas. Their researchers are probably hard at work right now looking for shots of America Ferrara lying on the floor for a new Ugly Betty trailer/literal interpretation of this song by The Fray.


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