Sharper — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

While the construction and the succession of reversals and revelations are cleverly executed, this doesn’t rise to the level of the really great puzzle films—The Usual Suspects, The Last Of Sheila, or The Sting (to which it bears the closest resemblance). But it is wholly satisfying and keeps us on our toes until the final moments. Caron, a veteran music video and TV director (The Crown and Sherlock), makes an impressive fictional feature debut. Screenwriters Gatewood and Tanaka (who also penned David Gordon Green’s The Sitter) likewise show an inventiveness and steady hand in balancing their complex structure.


This is a film that paints a pretty negative picture of modern life ... or, at least, life in New York. Nearly everybody gets hustled, even as they are running their own hustles. In the end, the irony is that the sharpest of them all is the only one who isn’t a sharper.

(Sharper opens in limited release on February 10 before premiering on Apple TV+ on February 17.)