BoJack Horseman tries to renew old relationships, and remembers life gets in the way of that


Four-plus seasons in, the greatest strength of BoJack Horseman is the understanding of the way things do and do not change. On one hand (or hoof, paw, or pseudopod depending on who you’re talking to) is the long-standing ethos of the show that broken things stay broken, and that people don’t change without a lot of…

BoJack Horseman delivers a jaw-dropping eulogy and once again raises the bar for concept episodes


At this point in its life, BoJack Horseman’s tendency to experiment within the confines of television is well-established. To name only a few examples, there’s the big swing of “Fish Out Of Water,” the structural shuffling of “Stop The Presses” and “After The Party,” the futuristic fakeout of “Ruthie,” the drug and…

It's time for BoJack to get woke as Hollywoo's hypocrisy on “bad men” gets the BoJack Horseman treatment


The question of whether or not BoJack Horseman is a good person hangs over the majority of the series that bears his name. On the surface, the answer feels like an easy no: he’s an egotistical asshole, he’s disrespectful of most everyone in his life, and incapable of focusing on the happiness of another person for too…

Diane travels to Vietnam as she—and BoJack Horseman—grapple with questions about her identity


The gap between seasons of BoJack Horseman is typically a fallow period for news about the series—most interviews, reviews, and think pieces coming and going within two weeks of the season drop—but there was a particularly meaningful story that came out this past January. In an in-depth UPROXX interview (Disclaimer:…

Vince Gilligan "desperately wants" Walt and Jesse to show up on Better Call Saul

There are a lot of questions hanging over Better Call Saul—if we’re being honest, it’s the kind of show where “questions hanging” is a big part of the appeal—but one of the most lingering has been that of when it’ll finally, fully collide with its parent series, Breaking Bad, and its meth-cooking “heroes,” Jesse…

Jesse's not the only character Vince Gilligan thought about killing in Breaking Bad's first season

Esquire has published an oral history of the meth-fueled action drama Breaking Bad for the show’s 10th anniversary and, yes, Aaron Paul is on hand to discuss what it’s like to get called “bitch” everyday. “I have been called ‘bitch’ more than anyone on the planet,” he says, “and that is very exciting.”