Tim Heidecker is putting himself on trial for murder right now as part of On Cinema's latest absurd twist

The winding mythology of Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s On Cinema At The Cinema is one of the most in-depth gags of either man’s career, a long narrative of deaths, medical maladies, and the occasional actual movie review, all powered by the permanent faux-resentment festering between its two “stars” (i.e.,…

Tyler, The Creator’s The Jellies! is an almost uncomfortably sweet sitcom, and a perfect fit for Adult Swim

Tyler, The Creator tends to attract a lot of personal readings of his work. Partly, that’s because the material is highly personal, and because it’s so heavily driven by his public persona. (Much of the reception of his most recent album Flower Boy focused on the statements the album made about Tyler’s sexuality.) So…

Adult Swim aired an “in memoriam” for Game Of Thrones’ writing after Rick And Morty this week

It’s pretty undeniable at this point that Game Of Thrones’ writing this season took a definitive turn, investing heavily in fan service and action set pieces at the expense of many of the tonal and logistical realities set up by the series’ preceding seasons. Simultaneously, it’s been pretty undeniable that Rick And

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland on the wait for new Rick And Morty and “the pursuit of perfection”

At the end of Rick And Morty’s second season, top-hat-wearing, “ooo-wee”-ing Smith family friend Mr. Poopybutthole assures fans that their favorite sci-fi comedy will be back “in, like, a year and a half—or longer.” Self-deprecating joke became self-fulfilling prophecy: Nearly 18 months passed between the end of Rick