In a riotous premiere, the Legends come bearing a unicorn, a Subaru, and Gary's damned nipple


Some people ask “why?” It’s a good question, a fundamental part of the whole who-what-where-when thing. More people should ask “why?” More television writers should, certainly. It’s a question that’s key to a well-crafted story. It’s essential, indispensable. Legends Of Tomorrow’s writers ask it, to be sure. But the…

Diggle goes out to get some air, and with it, some clarity for Arrow


The “why does everyone around you die” trope, which sometimes takes the form of “why does everyone I love die,” is pretty musty. “Brothers in Arms” isn’t the first time Arrow has dipped into that well, and it won’t be the last. But what this episode has in spades is something other recent episodes have lacked, give or…

Candice Patton delivers a knockout performance in a fun but frustrating Flash


There’s plenty to enjoy in “Run, Iris, Run,” and Candice Patton’s grounded but ever-so-slightly giddy performance is only one such pleasure. The purple lightning is killer. Iris swapping clothes with Caitlin is fun. Two briefly featured villains play their ridiculous scenes to the hilt and obviously have fun doing so,…

The crisis continues in Arrow's piece of The CW's Earth-X crossover


There’s television, and then there’s “event” television. It’s the kind of thing you’re supposed to watch right when it happens — big sporting events, awards ceremonies, series finales, shocking conclusions, and so on. When these events are fictional, they’re often intentionally packed to the gills, designed for promos