The DuckTales finale may be a bit too neat emotionally, but it reinforces the show's epic scale nonetheless


It has been quite an up-and-down season for DuckTales, which in a lot of ways struggled between establishing its new approach to the show and engaging in the legacy of the entire Duckverse that has evolved over countless comics, TV episodes, and even video games (see my stray observations). “The Shadow War!” is a…

Even sword horses and Bigfoot can't make a table-setting episode of DuckTales feel necessary


“The Other Bin Of Scrooge McDuck!” has maybe one of the worst intros the show has done so far. DuckTales has been struggling with intros for a while but a loud-whispering, exposition-filled exchange between Lena and Magica while Lena tries to cut the number one dime from Scrooge’s neck is one of the worse. I get the…

Too many competing storylines make DuckTales as overwhelming as Gizmoduck's suit


There is a lot of potential in “Who Is Gizmoduck?” There’s the story of a young intern who has access to power beyond his imagination (power, responsibility, etc.). There’s the story of an even younger duck who believes in the hero who saved him, only to be disappointed in what he sees, but to also inspire said hero…

The nephews split up on three different mini-adventures for a silly but rewarding DuckTales


I can’t but think that, at some level, “Day Of The Only Child!” was written as a course-correction, an episode that allowed the creative team to sit back, take a deep breath, and assess who these nephews actually are. DuckTales has been enjoyable so far but flawed in so much that, at times, it was too excited to…

The hunt for a "money shark" brings some much-needed focus to DuckTales for its strongest outing yet


At this point, we’re just going to have to accept that DuckTales just doesn’t really do great cold opens. The sequence before the opening credits (and really, a good portion of the first act) tend to be too enamored with dropping as many jokes, references, and clumsy exposition as possible, and it just kind of comes…

Some bold, baffling reveals place DuckTales in unpredictable and questionable territory


I’m not… entirely sure that the team who wrote, animated, and produced “McMystery At McDuck McManor” realize how truly bizarre this episode is. (Colleen Evanson, who penned the script to one of the show’s weaker outputs, helms this one as well.) DuckTales, in any incarnation–comic series, old TV show, new TV show–is…

Star Wars Rebels blasts off into the unknown with a series finale worthy of its strongest season


I don’t think I’m alone in recognizing that this fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels was its best yet. Instead of a handful of standalone episodes and mini-arcs, all of which had their moments of greatness intermixed with moments of sheer mediocrity (and outright awfulness), this fourth season opted for more

In climbing the highest mountain, DuckTales understands scale, but doesn't understand stakes


DuckTales returns the weekend with the long-delayed “The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest!”–an episode that focuses on the nature of determination-turned-obsession, in Scrooge’s relentless desire to scale Mt. Neverrest, and Huey’s desire to map it and earn a new Junior Woodchuck merit badge. It’s a episode that has…

Even in the wilds of The Jungle Movie, Hey Arnold! rarely loses sight of its heart


It’s been 13 years since the last new episode of Hey Arnold!, “Phoebe’s Little Problem/Grandpa’s Packard,” aired on Nickelodeon. But the show’s true finale was “The Journal,” a two-part, story-within-a-story that told the tale of how Arnold’s absent parents met, married, and gave birth to a son in the fictional,…