Cantankerous prospector David Letterman emerges on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to refute Conan’s horse story

Conan O’Brien appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Friday, where he told a funny story about how David Letterman once sent him a horse. Unprepared for a horse in his life (especially the ornery one Letterman had selected), O’Brien confided to Colbert that the gift (in recompense for a glowing profile…

Late-night hosts call bullshit on the GOP and NRA and decide now is exactly the time to talk about gun violence

The night after the day of the (current) worst mass shooting in American history is a tough fucking room if you’re doing a late-night comedy show. Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Seth Meyers on Late Night, and the hosts of The Late Late Show With James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and

Conan O'Brien asks NBC's Katy Tur about Trump's obsession with her, the Backstreet Boys, and fake steaks

Conan O’Brien’s self-deprecating goofball shtick doesn’t traditionally incorporate many hard edges when it comes to politics. Sure, he takes his monologue Donald Trump potshots, but the host’s onstage persona rarely infuses his political material with much resembling the harder-edged anger of his late night…


Triumph finds even more things to poop on in these outtakes from Trump’s inauguration

Robert Smigel’s alter ego, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, has spent the last year riling up Donald Trump supporters, first at the Republican National Convention for Funny Or Die and a few weeks ago at Trump’s presidential inauguration for Conan. Since Triumph is never lacking for insults (and lord knows there was no…