Eerie, Indiana was a few dimensions ahead of its time

For the spookiest week of the year, there may be no more ideal one-season wonder than Eerie, Indiana. The nearly perfect ratings bomb ran for only a single season, as a boy moved to a small Midwestern town that turns out to be “the center of weirdness for the entire planet.” Every week offered Eerie’s own version of a

The best, only slightly scary Halloween pop culture to enjoy with your kids

Call us crazy, but Halloween may be quickly overtaking those year-end holidays as our kids’ favorite season. Sure, no presents, but much more candy! Also there’s something slightly more fun about spooks and scares than frequent lame messages about having Christmas spirit and spreading goodwill to all.

This Goosebumps and American Horror Story mash-up is scarier than it should be

We still don’t know what the theme for season six of American Horror Story will be, but FX could do a lot worse than this great Goosebumps homage made by YouTuber Josh Houchin. It takes footage from the Goosebumps anthology TV series from back in the ‘90s and runs it through an American Horror Story filter, giving it…