Spend this late-night Trailer Happy Hour with Matthew McConaughey, The Ranch, and Insecure 

It may seem a little late for happy hour, but it’s never too late for Trailer Happy Hour, the semi-regular A.V. Club feature where we post some trailers that didn’t get their own story earlier in the day. Today we’ve got Matthew McConaughey playing a retro bad dad in White Boy Rick, a teaser for season three of HBO’s

Insecure puts on its big girl panties and sets this season into motion

Is Lawrence a good guy? While ”Hella Questions” actually provides a lot of answers––Lawrence and Issa’s 12-pump sex romp is definitively in the “fuck you fuck” column and their relationship is, at least for now, officially over––there’s still a lot of uncertainity when it comes to Lawrence’s actions. Sure, Insecure

The 35 best TV performances of 2016 (and one worst)

With more scripted television programs in production than ever before, it follows that there are now a wider range of opportunities for television actors. Looking back at the performances that caught The A.V. Club’s eyes in 2016 confirms that hypothesis: While some of our favorite character actors found new facets of…