Live’s not dead: 21 great live albums from the 21st century

In May 1968, Johnny Cash released Live At Folsom Prison, a recording of a raucous, emotionally charged performance before a group of grateful inmates that went on to top the country charts, completely reinvigorating Cash’s career. Folsom wasn’t the first successful live album, obviously, but it quickly became a…

A nifty way to avoid library fines and two very different types of music

Everybody I tell about this—and I’ve become something of an evangelist/annoyance on this matter—is surprised, so I guess there are still some people left for me to convert. Did you know that most public libraries allow you to check e-books out on your Kindle (or other device), and that they automagically disappear

“Sunshine on the waste land”: 20 songs about nuclear annihilation

The disturbing use of atomic power to end World War II had folks in the following decades pretty shaken up, leading to the “duck and cover” bomb-shelter era of the 1950s and beyond. Ira and Charlie Louvin—an Alabama gospel duo that helped popularize “close harmony” vocals—captured that feeling on their 1962 album