Recording academy president says women need to “step up” if they want to win more Grammys

Though the bulk of the statuettes had been handed out before the 60th Grammy Awards telecast began, the ceremony was still a lively affair thanks to stirring performances from Kendrick Lamar, Kesha, and Childish Gambino. But as the night went on, astute viewers noticed how few female nominees were making their way to…

Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj play basketball with famous friends in "Swish Swish" video

Taylor Swift dominated the news cycle this week with the teasing and eventual announcement of her new album, but her supposed rival Katy Perry won’t just sit by and let that happen. In response—even thought it has probably been in the works for a long time—Perry has released a video for her song “Swish Swish,” and in

Machiavellian mastermind Taylor Swift is bringing her music back to streaming services

After years of condemning most of the major streaming services—especially Spotify—for paying her fractions of a penny per play of her mind-bogglingly popular songs, Taylor Swift executed an abrupt about face today, shaking off the bad blood and allowing her music back into streaming libraries. (Other than Apple Music,…

Here are the new albums to expect this June

Every Friday, dozens of new records are released into the wild. Some make big splashes, and others sink almost immediately. For most music consumers, it’s almost too much information, and save for those precious few who spend their hours glued to review sites and release calendars, it’s hard to know what’s coming out