Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Lemonade is delicious


Parodying Beyoncé’s Lemonade is not a particularly fresh concept, and yet Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt does it masterfully in “Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades!” It pays sufficient homage to the original while also standing on its own, embodying the specific and weird voice of the show. And it’s safe to say none of it would

“Moonlight wins” is the latest in a never-ending string of upsets

A fuck-up like last night’s Best Picture switcheroo is not the type of thing that happens too often—or ever, really—an unprecedented disaster on the biggest moment of the biggest night of one of the world’s biggest industries. The fact that a billion-mile outside shot like Moonlight could not only usurp hegemonic

Beyoncé’s being sued for allegedly using “Formation” samples without permission

It’s now been a year since BeyoncĂ© dropped the video for “Formation,” the lead single off her black love opus, Lemonade. The entire album has many notable samples, including nods to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Isaac Hayes, Soulja Boy, and Outkast. But the opening for “Formation” came from someone without the same

Movie critic enshrines best films of the year by editing them all together

When December rolls around, it’s standard operating procedure for critics and cinephiles to release their “best movies of the year” lists. While these can be perfunctory, Indiewire film critic (and former A.V. Club contributor) David Ehrlich takes a drastically different approach with his self-edited “The 25 Best

Beyoncé wishes you a very Lemonade Christmas with her new merch

Beyoncé—or at least someone on her team—is having fun with homophones for the holiday season. The pop star/deity unveiled new merchandise which manages to skillfully combine both Christmas and references to her album Lemonade. The centerpiece item is a sweatshirt—available in both red and green—that declares “I sleigh

Amy Schumer cites Hillary Clinton and BeyoncĂ© as inspirations for her “Formation” video

Comedian Amy Schumer has extended her response to the recent controversy surrounding a video she posted online last week, showing her and co-stars Joan Cusack, Wanda Sykes, and Goldie Hawn dancing to Beyonce’s “Formation.” Posted to Medium, “Information About My ‘Formation’” discusses Schumer’s inspiration for filming

Boy, bye: Judge throws out Beyoncé Lemonade lawsuit

Making it clear that she’s legally both “a dragon breathing fire” and a real “Texas bama”—not to mention a recognized musical monarch, complete with diplomatic immunity against all haters—a judge has dismissed a lawsuit being lodged against BeyoncĂ© over potential plagiarism in her visual album Lemonade. New York

What’s the best pop culture of the year so far?

This week’s question congratulates all of us for having made it halfway through the year, and asks, What’s the best pop culture, in any form of media, you’ve encountered so far this year?

Filmmaker sues Beyoncé for allegedly copying his work in the Lemonade trailer

Just one day after we reported on a pair of songwriters filing a $20 million lawsuit against Ed Sheeran for allegedly ripping off one of their songs for his hit “Photograph,” another superstar is being accused of stealing from some non-famous person. This time, BeyoncĂ© is the one facing the accusations, but it’s not

Read This: Beyoncé has the most scarily devoted fans on the internet

In 2014, Saturday Night Live presented a mock trailer for a film called The Beygency, in which BeyoncĂ© fans literally run the world and haters are dealt with swiftly and severely. Exaggerated as it is, the sketch has some basis in reality. As writer Alyssa Bereznak describes in a piece for The Ringer called “Inside

Read This: A suggested reading list for Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade

While others were combing through Lemonade for clues about the marriage of Beyoncé Knowles and Jay Z, writer and scholar Candice Marie Benbow took a more academically rigorous approach to the 46-minute visual album. Lemonade touches on so many issues of sexual and racial politics that it provides an ideal, accessible

Beyoncé’s Lemonade isn’t a breakup album, it’s a black album

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is a black album. Before we can talk about the visuals, the poetry, the symbolism, or anything else, we have to start with the premise of blackness. While many of Beyoncé’s earlier feminist anthems walked right up to the line of a specifically black experience—“7/11,” “Feeling Myself,” “Flawless”—