Logan Paul makes triumphant return to YouTube with a low-rent Hunger Games knock-off

Logan Paul, the internet personality too shitty for even YouTube to countenance, has returned. This isnā€™t the first time heā€™s come back, of course. Ever since uploading footage of a suicide victim late last year, Paul has been trying to rehabilitate his image in an effort to get his ad revenue flowing again. A slightā€¦

Logan Paul bounces back from suicide video fiasco with new, more tasteful suicide video

After releasing a uniquely tasteless ā€œmoment in YouTube historyā€ in which he glibly uncovered a suicide victim in a country beset by high rates of suicide, unremarkable but, sadly, famous bro Logan Paul has now fashioned himself a suicide prevention advocate. Sure, this might have something to do with the ensuingā€¦

Enjoy some dispatches from the burbling center of hell, i.e. Jake Paulā€™s 74-video social media seminar

From a certain point of view, Jake and Logan Paul are the embodiment of everything wrong with the ā€œinternet generation.ā€ Theyā€™re obsessed with their own celebrity, they seem to lack empathy for their fellow human beings, and despite these facts, or maybe because of them, theyā€™re incredibly rich. Itā€™s no wonder theā€¦

Clothing brand desperately attempts to distance itself from Logan Paul's "historical record of inanity"

YouTube star Logan Paul pushed his ā€œno such thing as bad publicityā€ policy to its breaking point this week, facing widespread condemnation for failing to understand that viewers might not enjoy his efforts to apply his usual brand of Jackass-lite viral nonsense to a real-world site known for traditionally highā€¦

YouTube personality apologizes for showing video of apparent suicide victim

Lending new weight to the term ā€œugly American,ā€ popular vlogger Logan Paul recently posted video of an apparent suicide victim in Japanā€™s Aokigahara forest to his YouTube channel. It was part of a travelogue series he seems to be doing while in Japan, where heā€™s also played PokĆ©mon Go and pretended to be kicked out ofā€¦