Ant-Man And The Wasps Peyton Reed on working with Marvel and that Fantastic Four film he never made

Peyton Reed has a reputation for smart and savvy directing, delivering witty, frothy fun in films like Bring It On, Down With Love, and that movie where Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston break up, The Break-Up. It seemed like a thankless task when he was brought on by Marvel in 2014 to take over directing duties on

Marvel has released a series of 10-year anniversary posters, and we have one big question

In addition to releasing what will almost certainly be the two biggest films of the year, Marvel Studios is celebrating its decade of blockbuster movies with a new series of 33 posters highlighting the many heroes of the MCU. But after giving them all a thorough perusal, we have one pressing question that must be…

Trevor Noah had a cameo in Black Panther that people are only just noticing

Here’s something we’ve come to realize of late: There’s always a cameo. If you’re watching a modern big-budget movie, there’s a good chance that some A-lister is hiding on the fringes, whether it be Daniel Craig and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Last Jedi, Kevin Smith in The Force Awakens, Matt Damon in Thor: Ragnarok,