New Girl leaps into its final season with a time jump and a pregnant pause


“Don’t make it about the mustache!”

As New Girl hurtled toward the end of its sixth-season—and, at the time, the possible series conclusion—its last seconds showed Jessica Day and Nick Miller yelling, “Stay right there!” as they frantically raced toward each other. They didn’t stay put, though, and that’s how they…

New Girl’s season (and maybe series) finale is packed with joyous farce


Last week, “San Diego” feinted in the direction of convenience and cowardice, then turned the tables, letting each character get something they deserve. In “Five Stars For Beezus,” that cowardice—and the courage to overcome it—goes from subtext to text as Jess, Nick, and Winston all face up to fears. These last two…

New Girl doesn’t get too sentimental like those other sticky Valentines


When Jessica Day discovers her roommates are stifling their Valentine’s celebrations to spare her feelings, she scoffs. “That ‘sad single girl on Valentine’s Day’ cliché? Do better!” And New Girl does better. Everything in “Operation: Bobcat” works together like a well-oiled machine. Or maybe it’s more like a…