Redman's fine with not being in the How High sequel, for it is not as God intended 

How High broke no box office records when it hit theaters in 2001, nor did it turn rappers Redman and Method Man into Hollywood A-listers. It did, however, feel distinctly theirs, so it was something of a shock to learn that MTV’s upcoming sequel wouldn’t feature either of the franchise’s original stars, despite the…

Hulu finally plays nice with Viacom, gets exclusive rights to Daria and Nathan For You

Hulu as a service has always been defined by its “buts,” as in, “it’s like Netflix but it has commercials” or “you can watch all of your favorite shows but it doesn’t have everything from Nickelodeon or Comedy Central.” That latter point is finally changing, though, thanks to a new deal between Hulu and Viacom—the…

10 sketches that showcase the wit of MTV’s often-overlooked gem The State

1993 was a time when seemingly every network was trying to get in on the sketch-comedy craze. Saturday Night Live was already an institution at that point, Fox was trying to compete with In Living Color and The Ben Stiller Show, Canada had The Kids In The Hall, and future cult favorites MADtv, The Dana Carvey Show,