Some stiff competitions and a video to loosen your limbs

Like many people, I have a hard time getting excited about working out. Doing the same shit over and over can get boring, and I’m always worried I look like a doof trying to figure out how to lift weights or struggling on the elliptical. When a friend in L.A. told me about a new online workout from Pony Sweat, though,…

Lin-Manuel Miranda crashed Hamilton karaoke at a My Brother, My Brother And Me release party

Fans of the McElroy brothers from My Brother, My Brother And Me—now a pretty fantastic TV show on Seeso—know that Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is a massive fan of the podcast, slipping references to it into most of his public appearances and even Hamilton itself. (He also shows up on the TV show, narrating its…

The McElroys from My Brother, My Brother And Me talk dream projects and giant Scott Bakulas

For seven years now, brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy have been dispensing terrible advice and excellent comedy as the hosts of the fan-beloved podcast My Brother, My Brother And Me. The nucleus of a small family empire of shows on the Maximum Fun podcasting network—including a Bachelor fan-cast, a medical…

Our favorite podcasts of 2016

Last year, podcasting hit a hot streak, as Barack Obama took to Marc Maron’s garage for one of his most candid interviews, proving that this medium remains dedicated to the sincere, unifying power of the conversation. This year, the focus on politics remained with Hillary Clinton not simply guesting, but rather

What pop culture reminds you of the goodness of humanity?

This week’s election has left many people in a dark place, feeling frustrated, sad, and fearful for the future. So we’ve decided to make this week’s AVQ&A a hopeful beacon of light in these troubled times. From The A.V. Club staff: