“Infinite TV from infinite universes”: 21 shows to binge on over the long weekend

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer in the United States, an occasion traditionally commemorated with picnics, block parties, and other outdoor activities popularized in a time before streaming video. Seeking an alternative to sun, burgers, and human interaction, The A.V. Club put its heads together to…

The best sitcom episodes of the last 25 years (part 2)

Previously on The Best Sitcom Episodes Of The Last 25 Years: Leslie Knope voted for love, Robin Sparkles went to the mall, everybody hated food stamps, and a number of merry mix-ups were avoided and/or exploited for comedic potential. Today: The best of the best, the 10 finest sitcom episodes to air since 1990.

Great job, Internet! (seriously): Veronica Mars movie raises all the money, gets the greenlight 

Amid the “Is this the future of TV?” arguments and joking suggestions of other TV shows that could be Kickstarted back to life (“$2 million for a revival of The Cape! #THECAPE”), you may have missed the news that the Veronica Mars movie reached its fundraising goal in less than 11 hours. Accordingly, Variety reports…