Russia used Pokémon Go and Black Lives Matter to meddle in the election 

At this point, it‚Äôs abundantly clear that Russia‚ÄĒor at least people in Russia‚ÄĒorganized an endlessly elaborate scheme to influence the presidential election, partly by purchasing misleading and manipulative ads on Facebook and Google. Now, a report from CNN has revealed that the endlessly elaborate scheme was somehow‚Ķ


Pokémon Go is finally adding those new monsters, so you might as well reinstall it

It may seem like it was a decade ago, but it’s only been about seven months since everyone in the smartphone-having world became obsessed with Pokémon Go (and six months since everyone got tired of it), and now the developers at Niantic are finally adding the new batch of pocket monsters they’ve been teasing for a…

Our favorite games of 2016, part 2

Every December, instead of searching for a group consensus, Gameological looks back at the year in games through individual perspectives. These are the staffers‚Äô personal takes on a few games that have stuck in their minds for whatever reason‚ÄĒbig or small‚ÄĒand does not represent any sort of institutional expression.‚Ķ

The year that broke: 16 ways 2016 let us down

The ‚ÄúFuck 2016‚ÄĚ meme didn‚Äôt emerge from a void (although it could have, given the current media climate), but rather from the ceaseless parade of jaw-dropping absurdity that‚Äôs delivered primarily on social media and is still technically referred to as ‚Äúthe news.‚ÄĚ If 2015 was a year defined by outrage, the prevailing‚Ķ

Impressive Pokémon Go costume harks back to when people played Pokémon Go

For a couple of glorious weeks in July, Pok√©mon Go was a global cultural phenomenon, inspiring think pieces, Parliamentary misconduct, hate crime accusations, Yelp updates, muggings, and death‚ÄĒas well as millions of darn kids (and darn adults) getting outside and enjoying some fresh air, for once. Then, as suddenly as‚Ķ

This 24-hour Pokémon Go channel is weirdly hypnotic

For those who’ve decided to go whole hog on the game, Pokémon Go can be fairly time-consuming. After all, those Dratini aren’t going to catch themselves. But for those who need even more Pokémon in their lives, Cornflix TV has launched a 24-hour Pokémon Go-themed channel. It’s a curated, non-stop collection of YouTube…


Twitter gets another MRA (Magikarp Rights Activist)

There‚Äôs a lot of competition when it comes to the most useless Pok√©mon. Pidgeys and Rattata are overpopulated, Metapod and Kakuna just sit there, and Psyduck is kind of a hot mess. But if there‚Äôs one pointless Pok√©mon that takes the cake, it‚Äôs Magikarp‚ÄĒthe flopping goldfish that‚Äôs pretty much useless unless you manage‚Ķ