Brian Dennehy on DiCaprio, Rambo, and why Saoirse Ronan is the most talented actor around

The actor: Brian Dennehy has played everyone from an alien invested in eternal life to a literal rat. In his over 40 years on-screen, he’s become known for his no-bullshit delivery, bulldog physique, and his ability to play both loving fathers and sadistic small-town cops. His latest is a voice-over gig in The Song Of

Sylvester Stallone auctions off Rocky and Rambo stuff to make room for new Rocky and Rambo stuff

Sylvester Stallone is auctioning off memorabilia from the Rocky and Rambo franchises., according to ABC News. Hosted by Heritage Auctions on October 14 and 15, the auction will include lots of iconic props, including Rocky’s motorcycle, gloves, and shorts and John Rambo’s knife and jacket. (The availability of the “