Pirate Master, we hardly knew ye: 24 short-lived reality competition series

Because unscripted programming is relatively inexpensive—and because networks never know which crazy reality competition concept will catch on—TV has seen a steady stream of elaborate game shows, many of which stumble along for a season or two before disappearing with little fanfare. The cancellation of just about any…

Ratings Roundup: Doomed meth kingpin defeats storybook characters, sex researchers, and the odds 

As if the whole five-season run of Breaking Bad amounted only to the meticulous construction of a deadly machine that could obliterate the AMC drama’s enemies in a matter of seconds, Walter White went out in a blaze of glory that netted 10.3 million viewers last night. That number, via an AMC press release, gives

Fall schedule analysis: CBS projects the strength of Scar during the "Be Prepared" number in The Lion King

Good ol’, reliable ol’, boring ol’ CBS. The network is so dominant at this point that there are nights when its ratings outrank the other four major broadcast networks combined. It’s got TV’s biggest comedy—The Big Bang Theory—a series that occasionally pulled 18-49 numbers in the 6.0 range earlier this year,…