The Big Moon serves up a stellar rendition of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart"

It’s hard to escape the influence of Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 melancholic power ballad “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.” Even before the recent surge in popularity, its impact was hard to deny. The song (and its video) has been covered and parodied by dozens of artists, with even Warby Parker getting in on the action. Adding…

Marika Hackman takes a mesmerizing "Eastbound Train" to the A.V. Club studio

Welcome back to AVC Sessions, our series where we bring in an artist, band, musician, singer, rapper, etc. to perform three of their own tracks. This round, we welcomed English folk singer Marika Hackman into the studio. Accompanied by four-piece band The Big Moon, Hackman performed “Eastbound Train” from her 2017 LP