Lewis Black and Keith Olbermann invade Donald Trump's mind on the season finale of The President Show 

Comedy Central’s The President Show has consistently provided a surreally insightful window deep into Donald Trump’s head, mainly because of the stellar impression work of Anthony Atamanuik. Spinning his undeniably on-point portrayal into a weekly exploration of the cavernous, boundless abyss of egomaniacal, racist…

The President Show brings in an actual therapist to diagnose Anthony Atamanuik's fake Donald Trump

For those out there who think that Saturday Night Live’s take on Donald Trump is ploddingly safe and threadbare (like The A.V. Club TV host John Teti’s mom, to name but one), The President Show’s take on the person currently occupying the White House is a bracingly harsh and insightful alternative. Anthony Atamanuik’s…

Bassem Youssef taught a mercifully fake Trump about tyranny on The President Show

Comedy Central‚Äės The President Show continues to present the wish-fulfilling spectacle of Donald Trump talking to people the actual Trump should spend some time with, but never, ever will. After previous episodes saw Anthony Atamanuik‚Äôs reliably funny faux Trump learn about race relations from scholar Michael Eric‚Ķ

Michael Eric Dyson schooled a sadly fictional Trump about race on The President Show

Unlike some fictional Donald Trumps you could mention, comedian Anthony Atamanuik has made channeling the Donald a full time job, parlaying his long-running comic debate tour alongside James Adomian’s Bernie Sanders into a gig hosting Comedy Central’s The President Show. A seemingly dangerous gig, as donning the…

The President Show gifts Donald Trump with frightening moments of self-awareness

In Michael D‚ÄôAntonio‚Äôs 2015 biography on Donald Trump, Never Enough, Trump is quoted as saying ‚ÄúI don‚Äôt engage in self-analysis, because I might not like what I see.‚ÄĚ It‚Äôs a rare and accurate moment of inner reflection for the current president of the United States. Unfortunately, he refuses to explore the observation‚Ķ